Ms. Lynn's GoReadWrite Experience

5:30 P.M. Tuesday

Jane Lynn is about to leave school for the day when she realizes that she has forgotten to upload a homework writing prompt for students. Fortunately, she uses GoReadWrite and, with a few clicks, is able to upload one of the many detailed writing assignments in the system, complete with supporting documents and a detailed outline for students to follow.

10:00 a.M. Wednesday

Jane starts going through the completed outlines as the students submit them. Because of the outline instructions, the responses are well-structured and only require feedback on substantive issues.  With a few clicks, she is able to send extensive feedback to each student since there are supporting videos that explain each point. It only takes her a few minutes to review each student’s work.

2:00 P.M. thursDAY

Because Jane has selected the e-tutor option, she doesn’t have to make any grammar corrections. Instead, she spends the afternoon preparing for next week’s classes.

11:30 a.M. FRIDAY

Jane decides to grade the essays and get them out of her way for the weekend.  The essays are easy to read because the students have already corrected their grammar. Using the GoReadWrite rubric, she is able to give accurate and objective assessments of each student’s work within a few minutes. She decides to spend a few extra minutes on each essay to identify which area she wants her students to focus on next.