Samantha's GoReadWrite Experience


Samantha sits in front of her computer, looking at the writing assignment that her teacher has assigned her class. She follows the directions given in the essay outline, ensuring that her essay is well-structured and focused on the topic. However, she isn’t sure how to wrap up her conclusion, so she clicks on the help button and watches a short video that suggests three different ways she can leave her audience with a powerful final thought. Happy with her work, she presses submit.

9:30 P.M. WednesDAY

Samantha logs in to the system and sees that the teacher has given her feedback on her outline. She clicks on her teacher’s comments and watches short videos explaining the feedback points in greater detail. With her teacher’s feedback in mind, Samantha completes her first draft. She checks her essay against the checklist in the system to make sure she hasn’t forgotten any major points and then submits her essay for grammar feedback.

11:00 P.M. Thursday

Samantha’s grammar feedback is ready. She has a good command of writing conventions, so she rarely makes any mistakes. The tutor has made one suggestion on how to improve the clarity of her writing. Based on this feedback, she edits her writing. Satisfied with her corrections, she presses submit and feels confident that she has written a great essay.

11:00 P.M. FriDay

Samantha logs in to the system to see that her essay has been graded. Her teacher has evaluated her essay using a rubric that is directly linked to the way she has been taught writing. There are no surprises since she followed the instructions closely. Her teacher has added a few additional comments and feedback points for her to review. Importantly, the teacher has also identified the key area that Samantha should work on to further improve her writing. Samantha watches a video reviewing that area and resolves to do even better in her next essay.