Students need help with their writing...


  • 6 out of 10 students do not meet grade level standards for writing.*
  • 58% of incoming college freshmen are unprepared for college level writing.*

* Based on data from SBAC, PARCC, and the Legislative Analyst's Office of California


Remarkable improvement within 12 weeks...


After 12 weeks of using GoReadWrite, students improved their average essay scores from 54% to 77%, as measured by an objective rubric-based evaluation.*

A survey of teachers and students found that 100% of teachers found that GoReadWrite was an effective way to teach writing skills, while over 97% of students found the content in GoReadWrite "helpful" or “extremely helpful.”

* Based on a study of 186 students. Each student attended class for 90 minutes per week.


GoReadWrite works by empowering teachers...


Concrete Writing Guidelines

GoReadWrite provides clear, video-based instructions for every step of the writing process. Teachers can give customized guidance to each student with the click of a button.


More Writing Opportunities

Writing requires repeated, deliberate practice in order to achieve mastery.  GoReadWrite offers the content, tools, and services that make it easy for teachers to assign and grade essays.


Strong Feedback Loops

Relevant, engaging, and timely feedback is critical for success. GoReadWrite uses a video-based system that allows teachers to give rapid and rich feedback to students.


Key Features


GoReadWrite has a comprehensive content library that can be used on its own or as part of your own curriculum.


GoReadWrite offers powerful and flexible features that minimize friction for teachers and students alike.

Support services

GoReadWrite empowers teachers by providing expert professional development and low-cost essay grading services.