Comprehensive Writing Curriculum

GoReadWrite contains a rich library of content: hundreds of video lessons, essay prompts, video feedback, and evaluation rubrics that are tightly integrated to teach and reinforce writing skills.


Writing Skills

GoReadWrite contains 58 video lessons that walk students through each step of the writing process for argumentative, informative, and narrative writing. The lessons conclude with illustrative examples and review tests to confirm comprehension.


Writing conventions

GoReadWrite has 90 different video lessons explaining writing conventions for students from grades 3 to 12. Both simple concepts like the basic parts of speech and advanced ones like subjunctive mood are explained with easy to follow examples. Each lesson is supplemented by a review test to help reinforce the concepts.


Writing Prompts

Our writing prompts require students to analyze and synthesize content from reading passages, audio tracks, and videos to craft well structured and developed responses. Each prompt also comes with a teacher's guides and an essay outline to help students who need more guidance.


feedback videos

Students love our short feedback videos that offer quick refresher lessons on key writing skills and conventions. The videos help students to edit their work and improve the quality of their writing.


Evaluation rubrics

Our evaluation rubrics measure how well students have applied the different skills and conventions to their writing. This closes the loop on the learning cycle and allows students to identify key areas for improvement.